Level Design


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong number

Level design: DLC concept map - OCTOBER II



Top down shooter 

In game


3 min average



25 hrs


Solo project

Game engine 

Map editor



- 1 min walkthrough per section

- Gradual difficulty from easy to medium

- Respect the characteristics of the franchise


- Create sections of level connected via a hub

-  Offering variety to the player in the path choices

- Create surprise effects without deceiving the player


-  Iteration process with a fickle editor

- Balancing enemies according to their behavior

- Deal with the tight framing of the camera (frustum)

OCTOBER II On a rainy autumn day, Corey, a "vigilante" from the group the Fans, decides to visit an old foe. Although it's not Halloween, she pulls on her iconic zebra mask and football jacket with the clear idea of giving the Miami gang an everlasting and brutal lesson. Through the various locations of the villa of the mobster called The Henchman, she will have to teach respect to these ill-mannered criminals. And while she's at it, a little Latin vocabulary!


 REPLAYABILITY  Hotline Miami is all about ‘’die & retry’’. Keeping this in mind, I designed the four floors of this level so they offer fun replayability. The beginning sections of each floor let the player chose between a minimum of two distinct paths. The variety of encounters will depend on the path and the weapon chosen by the player.

HIGH REACTIVITY As soon as the player points his nose in the first room of the floor sections, the enemies will detect him/her quickly. This will cause the player to almost immediately engage in a mini fight to secure the room, right from the start of the floor sections.

SURPRISE EFFECT By having the player pass twice in the same place (the hall without enemies), I wanted to suggest this hub as a safe zone.  However, in order to complete the level, the player has to pass through the hall a third time, which is now guarded by enemies. On the other hand, in order not to deceive the player, sound effects allows to anticipate this final threat.

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