Level Design



This section displays a variety of 3D models, hand-drawn or digital sketches, and layout concepts. The goal is to show the creative process behind my design projects.


HEAD OFFICE concept - UMBRELLA corp - RESIDENT EVIL franchise

In this architectural concept, I was influenced by the Art Deco style to create this massive and vertical building. For the overall shape, I was inspired by the three discoverers of the Progenitor virus, central characters in the history of the game. Spencer, Marcus and Ashford are represented here by the three extruded modules that are executive offices.


I placed the building in a secluded and isolated location in the fictional Racoon City area. It is accessed by train, giving it an exclusive setting, a place reserved for its workers. 


Finally, I created an immense staircase that descends into the backyard. Its shape, seen in plan, represents a lava flow that symbolically extends towards the city. The crowning of the building represents the needle of a threatening syringe.


OPEN WORLD - BLACK BOX mission - WATCHDOGS franchise

In this teamwork with my colleague Marc Dazé, we wanted to bring the themes of extreme sports, espionage, and international relations as well as staging iconic places in Los Angeles. 


The project represents a neighborhood in the Hollywood hills, the Hollywood sign, and finally the Getty Center. To succeed in this mission named Bird of prey, the player must enter the black box area and steal important computer equipment. 


We imagined a circuit offering challenges that respect the types of gameplay of the franchise: stealth, combat, and use of electronic gadgets.