Level Design


Narrative Design

This section is showing excerpts and documentation related to my video game writing. Synopsis, creation of fictional characters and universes, and storytelling methodology.


* Documents en français

HIVE - Student Integration Project   (to be released) 

Original story: Vanessa Tellier - Jean-Philippe Marchi - Vincent St-Gelais - Dominic Fontaine

Lead narrative designer: Jean-Michel Roy

Narrative designer: François Pellet - Dominic Fontaine

Starting from the original narrative bible, our mission as a narrative team was to transpose the conceptual world of HIVE into various LOGS and textual clues. Produced in 14 weeks.

My main tasks were:

- produce and show effective documentation for the production team

- write narrative logs used in game

- integrate the content into the game engine


* Documents en français


CHASSEUR DÉPRIME - Game jam - Text-based game 

This funny game experience was designed in a game jam format with a team of 4 LD. Chasseur Déprime offered a virtual central Hub (ship's cockpit) and the choice of two missions: Investigation or Combat.

The player embodies Space Booner, who goes on an intergalactic mission in the relentless pursuit of a few credits to patch up his crumbling ship.

My main tasks were:

- write the COMBAT mission

- organize a diagram to facilitate the logic of the text directory layout


* Documents en français


TAXIBOLIDE - Twine - Short story with multiple choices

I wrote this mini story based on the character Space Booner, created in a previous game jam. We follow him in his adventures on a garbage planet in search of a fugitive android.

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