Level Design


TEST 2.5

Level design: DLC concept map



Puzzle platformer

Layout Walkthrough

2 min

In game


6 min average



24 hrs


Solo project

Game engine 

Map editor

Puzzle maker 



- DLC oriented format

- 2 minutes in game walkthrough

- Predefining a specific level of difficulty


- Create a level of difficulty easy 

- Integrate Aerial faith plate = movement

- Create a compact, sleek, yet complex layout


- Balancing ingredients = time target

- Test the map, improve the experience

- Consecutive and interrelated puzzle patterns

TEST 2.5 was such a fun map to make. The map editor  Puzzle maker is a direct and efficient tool. It allows you to make layouts quickly and easy to iterate. As a level designer, this tool allows me to train and practice puzzle navigation exercises.


At the beginning of the project, some patterns, on which the testers spent more time, made the difficulty level go up to medium, while I was aiming for an easy layout.  To decrease the difficulty slightly, I removed more complex patterns to focus on an average of easy difficulty.  In this way, I kept in mind the original objectives and worked within the constraints of the project.


 VISIBILITY-  My intention was to create a layout that allowed the player to see the entire test chamber. I designed it so the player is able to see the dimensions of the room as soon as he passes through the doors. The result is a monolithic gym, without any branches or corridors.

PUZZLES The sequential puzzles and cascading pattern structure of Portal 2 are a great level design challenge. I used deduction (backward design) and the trial and error approach for my puzzle patterns. Starting at the goal and going the other way around was a good strategy for this map.

ITERATE An important part of level design is to have our layouts playtested to get the best external feedback and criticism.  It is very important to get advices and viewpoints from colleagues after testing the map. My mandate is to take the playtests into account to continuously improve the project.