Level Design



Level design: assymetrical layout with a focus on architecture notions



1st pers. shooter

Capture the flag

6 vs 6 players

Layout Walkthrough

Spawn to intel room

and back:  45 sec



50 hrs


Solo project

Game engine 

Map editor



- Map type: capture the flag

- Apply architectural concepts

- Create an asymmetrical layout


- Create custom building models

- Create a map imitating a Western village

- Propose winding and uninterrupted paths


- Getting used to the Hammer editor

- Balancing the layout for all classes

- Adapt the sketchUp concept in the editor

 KABOOMTOWN  was a long process and a good challenge in which I learned so much. My main intention was to design this map by focusing on the methodology of the 6 PILLARS OF LEVEL DESIGN (Introduction, Framing, Guidance, Rhythm, Balancing, Blue printespecially the aspects of balancing and framing.


I wanted to bring RED and BLU together to fight in a classic cowboy movie set, while respecting the TF2 aesthetic. To achieve this, I challenged myself to custom model typical buildings such as: house, saloon, shed, bank, funeral home, motel, etc..


 LAYOUT I built the layout with branches connected to a central road, configuring the RED and BLU territories with conventional choke point and blood bath. There are a minimum of 3 possible routes to the enemy Intel for each team. These are winding and smooth paths that don't require steep detours, offering a smooth run.

PILLARS The 6 Pillars of Level Design methodology is a powerful and proven approach: Intro - rhythm - balancing - framing - guidance - blueprint are the central elements guiding my work method. These guidelines allow me to produce relevant and also malleable design elements.

TRANSPOSITION - The meticulous pre-production of this project took into account several architectural aspects: territories, sectors, visual landmarks, layout. It was a good challenge to transpose the preliminary SketchUp map to the Hammer editor. The original metrics and dimensions were readjusted to reach the final desired format.